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About Kensho Designs

A good interior space not just fills your mind, it can make your life more productive. Hence it is very important to have a proper plan and design before you buy furniture. A space must reflect a character. Sometimes to initiate talks, sometimes to emphasize the silence. It should be the perfect blend of aesthetics and encouragement. Kensho Designs helps you to conquer your space with your needs.

Kensho provides more than fifteen services in setting up of interior and maintenance sector. The team undertakes the designing, manufacturing, and maintenance of interiors and furniture. Our products varies from cupboards to doors. We also have expertise in ceiling, floor and wall panelling, interior design works, etc. We even undertakes the maintenance works of villas and spaces.

We share the history with the benzer business group of UAE. Starting from 2007, benzer effectively has a share in the fields of transportation, waste management, food and healthy lifestyle, etc.

We are one of the few teams in the UAE who hold a CICPA pass in this field. And for the same reason, we are specialists in implementing joinery, carpentry works in critical industrie run by UAE authorities like, oil rigs, power plants, gas plants, chemical factories etc.

With each of our work, we ensure that there is minimal wastage to keep the carbon footprint to minimal and also to keep the cost-effectiveness of the work. Kensho also opens the choice of materials wide to reduce the environmental impact to minimum.

Giving the promise for a sustainable environment to the upcoming generation is what we all can do at this time of the era. Being environmentally responsible is the key to have the betterment of life. Through Kensho, the Benzer group upholds the vision of growth towards a sustainable environment.

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